• [Lecture] The Constitution’s Response in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


    Date and Time: June 24 (Wednesday) 19:30

    Location: School of Law (Tencent Meeting), Jinnan campus

    Guests: Prof. Libin Xie, Prof. Xiaodong Ding, Prof. Han Liu and Prof. Yilu Zuo.

    Guests’ Background:

    Prof. Libin Xie, Vice Dean of College of Comparative Law, China University of Political Science and Law and Dean of Chinesisch-Deutsche Institut für Rechtswissenschaft. He is also the author of On Constitutional Interpretation and Chinesisches unddeutsches Wirtschaftsverfassungsrecht (Chinese and German EconomicConstitutional Law) (German).

    Prof. Xiaodong Ding, Vice Dean and Vice Professor of Renmin University of China Law School’s Law and Technology Institute, Doctor of Yale Law School and Peking University Law School. The professor’s research interests are Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Legal Theory, and Social Law. He is the author of Democracy and Science in American Constitution.

    Prof. Han Liu is Vice Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant to Dean of Tsinghua University Law School. Prof. Han’s research interests are Public Law, Comparative Constitution, and Network Law.

    Prof. Yilu Zuo is Associate Professor of Peking University Law School. The research interests fo the professor are Constitution, Network Law and National Security Law.

     (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)