• Nankai University Establishes the First Micro Professional Project of Information Security in China


    In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence and big data technology, information leakage, fraud, theft and other incidents occur frequently. The network security is becoming increasingly serious, and the protection of information security has become a concern of the whole society. After more than 5 months of preparation, on July 24, Nankai University established the first Micro Professional Project of Information Security in China on the platform Xuetang X.

    In the afternoon of July 24, the online launch event of Nankai University’s Micro Professional Project of Information Security was held. Nankai University’s Vice President Xinsheng Wang during the speech pointed that “Colleges and universities are the main field of personnel training on information security in China, but academic education is far from meeting the current demand for talents. Using the increasingly mature online teaching and experimental platforms is undoubtedly the best solution at present.”

    Micro professional project is similar to the online programs approved internationally or programs with a MasterTrack Certificate, as “Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack Certificate” provided by University of Michigan and “Machine Learning for Analytics MasterTrack Certificate” provided by University of Chicago. It aims to provide learners with 4-6 courses around the core of a popular profession, so that learners can complete the corresponding training plan within 8-12 months and master the core competence of the profession. The project provides top-level certification from universities or enterprises. In the teaching plan, there are not only high-quality and abundant teaching videos, but also important components such as training cases, Q & A, homework correction and online defense.

    The micro professional project of information security is launched by Nankai University’s College of Cyber Science and Xuetang X.com. Venustech participated in the project construction as an important enterprise partner. The project is composed of six online courses, which are “Fundamentals of Vulnerability Exploitation and Penetration Testing”, “Computer Virus Analysis”, “Network Security Technology”, “Information Hiding Technology”, “Reverse Engineering” and “Cryptography”. All the teachers are from Nankai University, they not only have the most professional knowledge reserve, but also rich teaching experience. Students who sign up for the project and complete the study and pass the final assessment will receive the Nankai University’s Information Security Micro Profession Certificate and the authentication certificate of information security provided by Nankai University’s College of Cyber Science, Venustech and Xuetang X.com. In addition, excellent students will also have the opportunity to get internships or visits, formal job offers and letters of recommendation from mentors to help their career development. Link to the project: 


    July 27, 2016, the “National Cyberspace Security Strategy” was published, which emphasizes that “without network security, there will be no national security”, so the importance and significance of network security has been continuously improved. However, the huge talent gap has become one of the key factors restricting the development of China’s information security industry. At present, China’s information security talent gap is large. It is estimated that this year, the gap in the number of talents of information security will reach 1.4 million, and the number of personnel training on information security is far from meeting the needs of society. Every year, the number of personnel training on information security in our country is less than 30,000. The launch of the micro professional project of information security by Nankai University this time will help to fill the gap in China’s information security talents.

    (Reported by Chengjin Wei, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun,  Photography from https://m.jqw.com/baoxian/news-133738.html)